Facies of Paucity

Facies Of Paucity

Crocodile tears of murdered kinsfolk,
or that the daughter had a ‘forced’ abortion
and tribal cries of the turmoil of Tigithe brook.

Falsified documents amass the will and
annals of the renowned brainers,
Certificates of competence being a showy
band-wagon of petty penitence

Friends, I have sat on the abundant unruly pavements
and have witnessed how endless caravans of touts
entice customers to the buns, bedsheets, cashewnuts,
sausages, and karanga mbichi.
The likes of Satan promoting His multicolored cornucopia
of sin!

Slippers worn out on the sides
Cracked heels to spread the word
Offices busy with laughter but waiting miserable customers
Office space consumed with bags of perfumery, ‘exotic’ calico garments
But “Commercial Promotions not Allowed” on the donated door.

Poverty has, but many faces.
Only they don’t have eyes. Or do they?
We only focus on displaying our empty dish
kutembeza bakuli of ignorance.

Funny as nobody reminds no one
to fix the cracking sounds of a busy African bed.

© Morice, for PiCii, 08. Dec.2009.


Petals. Of Adoration

Petals of Adoration

Yes, I admit,
I have never seen lovely hair
sprouting healthily from your bright head
I have seen beauty in you, in the untouched,
serene gardens of your body

Before, I thought there were measurable quantities
of smiles and laughter for any day
Today, I don’t only have a soul mate,
but you are a companion,
to the treasures of our ultimate perpetual happiness
As we continue to rejoice in the new dawn
New beginnings,
Alfa but no Omega

You are the singing bird
A nice morning surprise
From the almighty, you are my breath

I will pray and pay for your protection
I will guarantee strong facades
For our love has become coveted a treasure
More precious than gold and diamond

AS I breathe again, I have a better story
I will tell our unborn beautiful babies about you
About the gardens, the green fields
The rains and flowers
The splendid petals of our love

Today, Baby
I Spell my love, so everlasting
For You
Je t’adore toi…

~ © Morice, 2006

Wary of the Aftermath

Wary of the Aftermath

If all foods
Tasted like salad
And chicken like margarine,

Would that diminish teenage pregnancies?
Or improve the matrimonial fidelity,
Would it improve school attendance?
Even in the visionary
“school for every street” slogan?

What if flies were bees?
Would they be reviled, or traps laid for them?
Would milk still be potable
If it was naturally as red as blood? 

Alas, not for the name, but, instinctively,
we hate the taste!

~ © Dr Morice, 2009


Narcissistic Vestige

Narcissistic Vestige

Be it when I spruce up
Or as I strip off

What do I sense?

    and internal tremors
Of love

~ Dr Morice, 2009

Working for Stupidity

Working for Stupidity

I need access
Entry and egress
Handful of stuff to assess
The red tape of the process
…tags, locks, keys and gate chits
Body sweating to serve the boss
or systems working for the ass?

Big families like big firms,
Focus on policies, retreats and petty cheaters,
Not on grand progress,
No longer on whoever cheats
or shoots for the targets

~ © Dr Morice, 2009.

Grains of Folly

Grains of Folly



you set a principle with an evil intent

to hurt our spirit

wait! you copy-pasted the limit!

to pull one’s leg a must

when they are off the target.


but point ‘black’ on our failure you betted,

our success is like deserts turning into seas, period.

your arms akimbo if the achievement is netted


shame of a man!

so low in aptitude

a scholar that never belonged

to the niche of the lucid


it was you ‘which’ preached and drafted the masterplan!

and salty is the taste that you even fulfilled our wedding plan

you ‘blasphemed’ on the topic’s paradigm

as if you detest our future cry as our suffering as in the interim


now you claim you knew it would happen

but when you set limits you didn’t notice

as if were you only giving it half a eyesight

and you spat and ridiculed our efforts.

never conceding we might have only gained a little ascent

but we avoided a dip from small leaks


therefore no scale can measure

no string can stretch taut

no sac can hold, and no needle can pierce the eye

of such chunk

of mental numbness


© Dr Morice, 2009


Busagwa bwa Nnumba

Busagwa bwa Nnumba


silika, silikawo mwana’ange

kino kyazze bubbi,

nkugambye, ayali alabika nga tenna,

abukabuka nga asuze ku ‘vono’


mwattu olumbe lunywa enkali

ne mukenena talya, asigula!


kubanga, obulumi obusing’ana na bulangiti

nakulumaaa, nakunywa notafuna kaseera

wali towoza ga kiwempe!

eduniya eno, tuli ku kizibu!


© Dr Morice, 2009